How to Cover Cleavage In a Formal Dress

Stumped on how to stylishly cover your cleavage in a fancy dress? Whether it’s a wedding, a work event, or a classy dinner, feeling confident and comfy in your outfit is key.

Luckily, there are stylish and elegant ways to cover cleavage in a formal dress without sacrificing your overall look. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you achieve a polished and appropriate appearance for any formal occasion. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Layer Undergarments for Coverage
    • Under the dress, wear a thin camisole in a complementary color, opting for materials like lace or silk for a formal look.
    • Consider a pretty, modest, full-coverage bra like Bandeaus or a high-neck bra for added support without compromising style.
    • Removable modesty panels can provide coverage without extra bulk and are easy to attach to bra straps.
    • Double-sided fashion tape can secure the fabric, preventing a wrap dress or plunging neckline from revealing too much.
  • Incorporate Accessories for Modesty
    • Scarves or shawls can cover the chest and arms, adding a modest yet stylish element to the outfit.
    • An attention-grabbing necklace can fill the space of a plunging neckline and add sparkle to the dress.
    • A brooch or safety pin can fasten a neckline that is too low for a quick fix.
  • Alterations for a Custom Fit
    • Sewing extra fabric into the dress can provide a more permanent solution for coverage.
    • Adding snap closures to a wrap dress allows for adjustable coverage.
    • Shortening the straps of the dress can raise the neckline for a less revealing look.
  • Expert Tips
    • Consult a designer or tailor for custom modesty adjustments, such as adding lace or fabric in the bust area for wedding dresses or special occasions.
    • Layering, using double-sided tape, and choosing the right undergarments effectively prevent cleavage from showing in formal attire.
How To Cover Cleavage In A Formal Dress

The 10 Best Ways To Cover Your Cleavage In A Formal Dress

If you are wearing a beautiful formal dress with a low-cut design, you can clearly see your cleavage through it. If you wear a formal dress, you can cover your cleavage very well with a few hacks that will help you. Here are ten tips and tricks to help you hide your cleavage in a formal dress without any trouble.

Camisole Layering

If a formal dress’s neckline is low cut, layering will help cover your cleavage. Under the dress, wearing a camisole will ensure that your cleavage is safely concealed, so you can walk and bend freely without having to worry about it showing.

When buying a camisole, remember to choose a rich and luxurious material, such as silk or lace. This will give your overall ensemble a more defined and polished look, and wearing only a basic cotton camisole may appear untidy. Select the camisole’s color according to your taste. Black camisoles are always a good idea, as they look pretty and go well with almost all colors.

Use Double-Sided Fashion Tape

If you want to cover your cleavage with a formal dress, keep the fabric where it covers your breasts well. Due to the flowy nature of the dress fabric, it won’t stay in one place permanently, but with double-sided fashion tape, it can easily remain in place without having to be fixed every time you wear it.

The double-tape will keep the fabric firmly in place and will not flow away due to air or any movement on your part. It will cover your cleavage perfectly. You can also use double-sided tape easily since one side gets stuck to your skin and the other to the fabric. In this way, your dress stays in place all day. In addition, this is also a quick fix that can be relied upon.

Cover Up With A Flattering Bra

The market offers a wide variety of bras. A pretty bralette can always peek through a formal dress with a low-cut neckline and cover your cleavage. Your formal dress can be paired with any bra, as long as it covers your breasts and cleavage well and looks pretty if peeped through. A bralette or bra can be the perfect addition to your formal dress if you have your hands on it.

Make Use Of A Modesty Panel Insert

Most women are unaware of this very simple solution. A modesty panel covers your cleavage well if you wear a dress or a top with a plunging neck. You can attach them to your bra straps from the front part. This modesty panel insert is extremely useful during hot and humid weather when layering can be uncomfortable. In addition to providing a smooth finish, this insert does not add a layer of cloth underneath your dress.

Make Use Of A Bandeau

An undergarment without straps is called a bandeau. These bandeaux can be found in many colors and are very comfortable. Known also as tube tops, bandeaux can be padded or unpadded. Depending on your comfort level, you can wear any one of these underneath your formal dress without worrying about your cleavage showing.

An Easy Scarf Style

It is the easiest and best trick you can use to cover your cleavage if you are running late for a meeting or work and you don’t have anything to wear under your formal dress that will cover your cleavage. Tuck your scarf in your dress so that it covers your entire cleavage area and you are not uncomfortable while wearing it.

Sew Your Own

It’s not necessary to cover your cleavage every time you wear your formal dress if you don’t want to. It’s easy to follow a sewing DIY! It is extremely simple to complete this DIY. It only takes one cleavage cover in a color that will suit your dress and a few stitches to get it done once and for all! When you wear that dress, you will always have a perfect cover for your cleavage. Your cleavage will be well covered by the cleavage cover since it will remain stitched to the dress. You can go and check our sewing machines reviews for more inspiration.

Pin The Fabric With A Fancy Brooch

Using a brooch is another way to keep the fabric of the plunging neck close together to cover your cleavage properly. It is easy to cover your cleavage with a brooch that suits your formal attire and pins both sides of the dress fabric with the same.

Make Use Of Removable Inserts

You can insert the modesty panel into any material without experiencing bulges or bulks, just like the insert. You can also make a modesty panel insert yourself rather than purchasing one from the market. If you wear the dress, insert a piece of cloth in a manner that does not cause bulges, depending on the color and material.

Take Advantage Of Jewelry Pieces

It is not essential that your jewelry is in place and covers your cleavage well in a formal dress, so this is a risky option. Additionally, you can only wear one or two chains if you wear a formal dress.

If you choose this option, choosing jewelry wisely is also challenging, as it must fit perfectly over your cleavage area. You can use this one as a last resort if you cannot use any of the abovementioned techniques and tricks.

How to Cover Cleavage in a Formal Dress: 3 Best Ways

Covering cleavage in a formal dress is a common concern, especially when attending work events, upscale gatherings, or ceremonies where a more modest appearance is preferred. Fortunately, several effective and stylish methods exist to achieve the desired modesty level without compromising fashion. This article explores three primary ways to cover cleavage in a formal dress, incorporating various keywords to guide you through each option.

Layering Under Your Dress

Camisole Layering and Bra Choices

For those seeking a simple solution, layering a high-neck bra or bandeau bra under your dress is a seamless way to cover cleavage. Opting for lace or silk material adds a touch of elegance and ensures the underlayer complements the dress rather than detracts from it. The camisole layering technique is particularly effective, providing maximum coverage while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated look.

The Role of Removable Dress Panels

A removable dress panel offers a convenient and flexible option, allowing you to adjust the level of coverage as needed. These panels, which can clip or snap onto your bra straps, are an excellent choice for those who prefer not to layer but still require a modesty solution. This method is ideal for dresses where traditional layering is not suitable or comfortable.

Adding Well-Placed Accessories

Utilizing Decorative Portions

Accessorizing is not only about enhancing your outfit but can also serve a practical purpose. A decorative piece, such as a statement necklace or a strategically placed brooch, can draw attention upwards and away from the cleavage area, serving as a formal cleavage cover. Accessories should be chosen carefully to ensure they complement the dress and occasion.

Double-Sided Fashion Tape

Double-sided fashion tape can be a lifesaver for dresses with more challenging necklines. This tape can secure the fabric, preventing unwanted slips and providing a smooth fit around the bust area. It’s a quick and effective fix for ensuring your dress stays modest throughout the event.

Altering Your Dress for Coverage

The Importance of Modesty Panels

Adding a modesty panel or fabric panel to your dress is a more permanent solution. It offers a custom fit and complete control over the amount of cleavage shown. This method might involve some sewing or a trip to the tailor, but the result is a dress that perfectly matches your comfort level and style preferences.

Specialty Bras for Coverage

For those seeking an undergarment solution, the Airism Bra Top provides built-in support with a modesty panel. This option offers a clean and integrated look and is particularly appealing for its comfort and elimination of the need for additional layers.

How to Cover Cleavage In a Formal Dress FAQs

What are the best methods to cover cleavage in a formal dress?

The three most effective methods are layering undergarments such as a thin camisole, adding well-placed accessories like statement necklaces or scarves, and making alterations to the dress, such as sewing in extra fabric or adjusting the neckline for more coverage.

Can I maintain a stylish look while covering my cleavage in a formal dress?

Absolutely. You can cover your cleavage without sacrificing style by choosing complementary undergarments, such as a lace or silk camisole, or adding a fashionable accessory like a bib necklace or an elegant scarf. Alterations to the dress can also be done tastefully to blend seamlessly with the original design.

What is the quickest way to cover cleavage for a last-minute event?

The quickest fix is to use a safety pin or brooch to adjust the neckline for more coverage. This method allows you to control the cleavage shown without layering or alterations. Choose a pin that complements your dress for a cohesive look.

Are there any temporary solutions for covering cleavage in a formal dress?

One temporary solution is to use double-sided fashion tape to adjust the dress’s neckline or keep a layered undergarment in place. This is ideal for wrap dresses or garments with a plunging neckline. Additionally, removable modesty panels can offer coverage without permanent alterations.

How can I ensure my dress remains comfortable after covering the cleavage?

Choosing the right type of coverage that suits the dress’s material and fit can maintain comfort. For example, selecting a camisole made from a breathable fabric ensures comfort, as does ensuring any alterations do not overly constrict movement or alter the dress’s original fit. Opting for adjustable solutions like fashion tape or removable panels allows for flexibility and comfort adjustments throughout the event.


Formal dresses can sometimes make you look modest if your cleavage is exposed. The stress of taking care of your dress may also make you a bit underconfident as your attention will be diverted from the tasks at hand.

Therefore, you should fix any such issue if it exists and head out with confidence and modesty. If you wear a formal dress, you can use any tips and tricks listed here to cover your cleavage. Try any of these tips to dress comfortably in your formal attire and see how they work for you. Let SewingWithEase know what you think!

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