Free Sewing Patterns For Jackets And Blazers

Are you aiming to enhance your wardrobe with chic outerwear without spending a fortune? Your search ends here! This article offers a collection of free sewing patterns for jackets and blazers that you can effortlessly create at home.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewist, this list has a pattern for everyone. From classic blazers to trendy bomber jackets, you’ll find a variety of styles to suit your taste.

Why spend a fortune on store-bought jackets when you can create your unique pieces for free? With these free sewing patterns, you can unleash your creativity and update your wardrobe with stylish, affordable jackets and blazers.

Tailored jackets and blazers

Marfy – Marfy 1756

Marfy 1756 free sewing pattern

To get a feel for its patterns before buying them (somewhat expensive), the high-end pattern company Marfy offers free patterns on its website. Known for their impeccable drafting and flattering fit, Marfy patterns are beloved by sewers all over the world. A Chanel-style cardigan jacket with patch pockets is one of the free patterns available on Marfy’s site.

With this pattern, you can see some of the stunning results sewists have achieved.

There are Italian sizes 42-58 available for this pattern. A Challenging Sew has a series of posts for Marfy 1756 that provide very detailed instructions (with tons of construction photos!). You can find the post here.

Avantages magazine–tweed jacket

Avantages Magazine is a French women’s magazine. Its website offers a free pattern for a cute jacket made from tweed fabric with lurex shot through it.

The pattern is available in French sizes 38-46. It’s a pity that the instructions are only in French, and Google Translate isn’t great at translating them. So, if you want to use this pattern, you’ll need to know how to sew a basic jacket.

Mood fabrics – Ercilla suit

Mood fabrics – Ercilla suit free sewing pattern

The website of Mood Fabrics, the fabric supplier of Project Runway fame, has a ton of free suiting patterns. One example is the Ercilla Suit, a single-breasted blazer with a shawl collar.

The pattern is available in US sizes 0-30. The blazer is detailed in a blog post, but the tailoring techniques you’ll need to make it look crisp aren’t discussed in the post. If you want to learn more about tailoring, I recommend Tailoring: The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket from Amazon. In that book, detailed instructions (with tons of photos) for tailoring jackets using fusible or sew-in interfacing.

Mood fabrics – rosemary blazer

The Rosemary Blazer sewing pattern is another classic single-breasted blazer from Mood, this time with a notched collar. Christian Dior’s “New Look” is reminiscent of this blazer’s nipped waist and flared hips.

Advanced beginner or intermediate sewists should be able to follow the instructions on the blog post for this pattern.

Casual Jackets

Mood fabrics – Hawthorn jacket

Mood fabrics – Hawthorn jacket free sewing pattern

Hawthorn jacket free sewing pattern from Mood Fabrics is perfect for those who enjoy athleisure and want to wear lightweight jackets that look like ready-to-wear. Contrast stitching or piping would look great, accentuated by this jacket’s exciting seam lines.

A US size 0-30 pattern is included with this pattern. The blog post has instructions and pictures that walk you through building this jacket and making your piping.

Mood fabrics – Olive jacket

Mood Fabrics - Olive Jacket free sewing pattern

This classic olive green utility jacket has also been a rage for several years now, and Mood Fabrics offers a free sewing pattern for it, called the Olive Jacket. Heavy-duty snaps and flaps adorn these large pockets on this jacket.

There are US sizes 0-30 available for this pattern. The blog post has instructions and pictures, but this pattern is unsuitable for beginners due to welt pockets and sleeve vents. – Paola Workwear Jacket

Fabrics Store - Paola workwear jacket free sewing pattern

An on-trend garment is the “shacket,” a hybrid shirt/jacket. With’s free Paola Workwear Jacket pattern, you can make your DIY shacket. This jacket looks like a heritage work shirt made from heavyweight flannel, denim, chambray, or linen, even though it’s freshly made.

The pattern is available in sizes 0-30 in the US and comes with detailed instructions (and pictures).

Sew mag – bomber jacket

Sewmag Satin Bomber Jacket free sewing pattern

Satin bomber jackets once flooded the runways and fast-fashion outlets. If you want to follow that trend, try sewing a bomber jacket using this free pattern from Sew Mag. Bomber jackets are known for their zipper fronts, gathered waistbands, and cuffed sleeves, all of which are included in this pattern.

There are three sizes available for this pattern. Construction steps are described on the website, but no pictures or videos exist.

Bernina – blouson jacket

Several free sewing patterns from Bernina’s Inspiration magazine are available on Bernina’s website. It features ribbed cuffs, a waistband, a zipper front, patch pockets, and ribbed cuffs and waistband. The pattern was originally published in Bernina Inspiration Magazine No. 67.

The pattern is available in European sizes 34-48. However, the instructions are impossible to find online; you’ll have to purchase digital access to Inspiration magazine.

Bernina – denim jacket

This denim jacket from Bernina Inspiration magazine’s March 2020 issue is another sophisticated free jacket pattern available on Bernina’s website. It features very unique seam lines, a boxy fit, cuffs, and a collar.

This pattern has 34-48 sizes available. Accessing the instructions online is impossible—you must purchase a digital copy of Inspiration magazine.

Free Sewing Patterns: Jackets and Blazers FAQs

What free sewing patterns for jackets and blazers can I find online?

Online, you can discover a diverse range of free sewing patterns for jackets and blazers, including sophisticated tailored jackets and blazers suitable for formal occasions and casual jackets perfect for everyday wear. These patterns cater to various skill levels, from beginner-friendly designs to more complex projects that require advanced sewing skills.

Are there any free sewing patterns for tailored jackets and blazers?

Yes, free sewing patterns for tailored jackets and blazers are available online. For instance, Marfy offers a classic Chanel-style cardigan jacket pattern, and Avantages Magazine provides a pattern for a tweed jacket. These patterns are designed to offer a flattering fit and can be a great way to practice advanced sewing techniques, including tailoring and working with luxurious fabrics.

Can I find free sewing patterns for casual jackets?

Absolutely! Websites like Mood Fabrics offer a wide selection of free sewing patterns for casual jackets. Examples include the Hawthorn Jacket, perfect for an athleisure look, and the Olive Jacket, a classic utility jacket. These patterns often feature contemporary designs and are suitable for sewists creating fashionable, ready-to-wear garments.

Do free sewing patterns come with instructions?

While some free sewing patterns come with detailed instructions, including step-by-step guides and photographs, others may not include instructions or may provide them in a language other than English. It’s important to review the pattern details before starting your project to ensure you have the necessary guidance. You may find tutorials or sewing books helpful for patterns without detailed instructions.

How can I adjust a free sewing pattern to fit my size?

Adjusting a free sewing pattern to fit your size can be done by measuring yourself accurately and comparing these measurements to the pattern’s size chart. You may need to grade the pattern up or down to match your measurements. Additionally, making a muslin or toile—a test version of the garment in a cheap fabric—can help you see where adjustments are needed before sewing the final garment.

Where can I find tutorials or additional help for sewing these patterns?

For additional help and tutorials on sewing the patterns, you can explore sewing blogs, YouTube channels, and online sewing communities. Many sewists share their experiences, tips, and tutorials on working with specific patterns, including those mentioned here. Websites like A Challenging Sew offer detailed posts on constructing tailored jackets, while Mood Fabrics’ blog provides some guidance on assembling their patterns.

Are there any free sewing patterns suitable for beginners?

Yes, among the free sewing patterns available online, there are options suitable for beginners. Look for patterns that are marked as beginner-friendly, which typically involve simpler construction and fewer intricate details. Casual jackets, like the Hawthorn Jacket from Mood Fabrics, can be a good starting point for beginners looking to develop their sewing skills.

What should I do if I encounter a problem while sewing a pattern?

If you encounter a problem while sewing a pattern, don’t hesitate to seek help. Online sewing forums and social media groups are excellent resources for asking questions and receiving advice from experienced sewists. Additionally, reviewing the pattern’s instructions, consulting sewing books, or searching for tutorials that address the specific issue can provide valuable guidance.

Can I modify these free patterns to create a custom look?

Absolutely! Free sewing patterns can serve as a base for customization and creativity. You can modify these patterns by altering the length, adding or removing details like pockets or collars, or using different fabrics to create a garment that reflects your style. Experimenting with pattern modifications can be a fun and rewarding aspect of sewing.

How can I share my finished project from a free sewing pattern?

Sharing your finished project is a great way to connect with the sewing community and inspire others. You can share photos and details on social media platforms, sewing forums, or your blog. Include information about the pattern used, any modifications made, and tips you learned. This showcases your work and contributes valuable insights to fellow sewists.


If you are always looking for a new sewing project, you will love this collection of free patterns for jackets and blazers. With so many different styles, you will find the perfect pattern for your next project. Whether you are looking for a casual jacket or a more formal blazer, you will find a pattern that suits your needs.

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