Free Sewing Patterns For Pants And Trousers
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Free Sewing Patterns For Pants And Trousers

Recently updated on July 17th, 2022

Sewing your own clothes can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the right pattern, some fabric, and a little bit of time, you can make yourself a pair of pants or trousers that are uniquely yours. And plenty of free sewing patterns for pants and trousers are available online, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started. Whether you’re looking for a simple pair of straight-leg trousers or something more fanciful, like a pair of harem pants, you’re sure to find a free sewing pattern that suits your needs. And once you’ve made a pair of pants or trousers using a free pattern, you may be inspired to create your own.

There are many types of pants (besides tailored pants and jeans) that are reasonably easy to sew, and pants are probably the most versatile item in everyone’s wardrobe. In the following list from SewingWithEase, you will find some of the best free PDF sewing patterns for pants with elastic waists, drawstrings, wide legs, and cargo pockets available online.

Elastic waist pants

Elizabeth Suzann – Clyde Work Pant

Elizabeth Suzann – Clyde Work Pant free sewing pattern

There was much consternation last year when the beloved slow fashion clothing brand Elizabeth Suzann announced it would be closing (even the New York Times wrote an obituary). Although Elizabeth Suzann’s much-loved products were no longer offered in sewing patterns, there was a silver lining. You know that the patterns are of top quality since Elizabeth Suzann probably used them initially.

There is also a Clyde Work Pant pattern available on the website: a loose, tapered pant with a seam running down the leg and a large crescent-shaped pocket on the side. There are many other sewists who have made pants from the pattern, and you can see some of their work on Elizabeth Suzann’s website. Fabrics used to make Elizabeth Suzann’s products are also available for purchase. If you prefer, you can download the pattern for free from the website, as you decide how much to pay for it.

There are three length options (Short, Regular, and Tall) and sizes 000-28/XXS-4XL available. It is unfortunate that Elizabeth Suzann does not provide instructions for the construction of these pants. However, another sewing blogger has graciously put together a written tutorial that walks through the process.

Mood Fabrics – Primrose Pants

Mood Fabrics – Primrose Pants free sewing pattern

A free pattern for an elastic waist and tapered pants is also available from Mood Fabrics but with a paper bag waist this time. With a waist tie concealing the elastic waistband, these pants have a more polished look than your average elastic waist pants. In the Mood blog, you can see samples of the pant made up of linen, corduroy, and lamé. The pattern is very versatile and looks great in a wide range of fabrics.

A range of sizes 0-30 is available in the pattern. It’s important to note that many sewists (including myself) find that Mood patterns run large, so if that’s the case, consider sizing down. The Mood pattern does not provide finished garment measurements, so you cannot use them as guidelines on how much to size down. There are some instructions on the blog with construction photos, though many sewists have complained that the instructions are not detailed enough for beginners. – Cass Wide Leg Culottes – Cass Wide Leg Culottes free sewing pattern

Using the Cass Wide Leg Culottes pattern from, you can make elastic waist pants with straight legs. Two rows of topstitching on the elastic waistband help secure and prevent it from shifting. The pattern is available in sizes 0-30. You can find instructions and photos of the construction on the blog. The pattern has already been made up by a few people, and their results have been posted on so you can see how the pants look on different body types. When determining your pattern adjustments, take into account that a few reviewers recommended making the pocket bag bigger.

Drawstring pants

Martha Stewart – Drawstring Pants

Look no further than Martha Stewart’s free drawstring pant pattern for a basic pair of pajamas or lounge pants. Originally, the domestic doyenne sewed drawstring pants (although I doubt she ever wore them). Featuring a relaxed fit and straight leg, this pattern is flattering for a variety of body types.

There are three sizes available for the pattern: small, medium, and large. Martha demonstrates how to construct the pant in a video tutorial and in written instructions.

Birch Fabrics – Basic Yoga Pants

Free PDF Pattern | Basic Yoga Pants | The Crafty Kitty free sewing pattern

Try Birch Fabrics’ free basic yoga pant pattern if you’re looking for a more form-fitting drawstring pant. You should only tackle this pattern if you’re comfortable sewing with stretchy fabrics. This pattern is designed for stable knits with a little bit of stretch. If you’re wondering about how to set up your sewing machine to sew knit fabrics, take a look at my post on sewing machine settings for stretchy fabrics.

There are sizes XS-XL available for the pattern. You can remove the sizes that aren’t needed from the PDF since it’s layered. The instructions (along with construction photos) are available on Birch Fabrics’ blog.

Petite Stitchery – Adult Joggers

Petite Stitchery – Adult Joggers free sewing pattern

A free pattern for adult joggers from Petite Stitchery offers another take on workout-ready drawstring pants. These joggers are designed for knit fabrics with a waistband, optional pockets, slouchy fit, and tapered leg.

There are four sizes available in the pattern. These joggers come in three lengths: full-length, capri-length, and knee-length. You can print the PDF only at the size you need because it is layered. In the PDF download, you’ll find detailed written instructions (along with construction pictures).

Mood Fabrics – Watsonia Pants

Mood Fabrics – Watsonia Pants free sewing pattern

Mood Fabrics’ Watsonia Pant pattern will help you make polished drawstring pants for the office. This pattern comes in sizes 0-30. It features a paper bag waist with drawstring detail and slanted pockets with flaps. Mood patterns are generally generously sized, so sizing down is recommended. Despite some instructions and photos on the blog, I don’t think they provide enough detail on how to construct the fly front.

Mood Fabrics – Nymania Pants

Mood Fabrics – Nymania Pants free sewing pattern

There is also the Nymania Pant from Mood Fabrics if you’re looking for a polished drawstring pant. These pants are complete with a drawstring waist, side pockets, and a tapered leg.
There are sizes 0-30 available for this pattern. Please consider sizing down with Mood patterns, as they run large. You can find instructions and construction photos on the blog.

Wide leg pants

Peppermint Mag – Wide Leg Pants

Peppermint Mag – Wide Leg Pants free sewing pattern

There’s no denying that wide-leg pants are back in style, and Peppermint Mag’s free wide-leg pants sewing pattern is just what you need to create your own. An invisible fly, curved pockets, a shaped waistband, and a curved pocket design distinguish these pants.
It’s definitely a pattern for advanced beginners or intermediate sewers – these pants feature a fly front that can be tricky for beginners, and they’re quite fitted around the crotch area.

In this pattern, there are sizes A-J (corresponding to a waist size of 24-45 12 inches and a hip size of 33-54 12 inches). Other sewers have praised the pattern’s design, indicating how well it was drafted. Some reviewers have noted that the instructions and sewing terms for the fly front are unclear, so you may benefit from reading our sewing glossary post.

Mood Fabrics – Ursi Ensemble

Mood Fabrics – Ursi Ensemble free sewing pattern

Make up Mood Fabrics’ Ursi Ensemble pants in a crisp suiting fabric to give them a sleeker look. Slant pockets, cuffed legs, and a waistband add to the appeal of these pants. The silhouette of these pants is fairly classic, but there is a slight twist to the waistband: the back is gathered with elastic, but the front is smooth, which is more flattering since it doesn’t add bulk to the stomach area.

The pattern is available in sizes 0-30. You may want to consider sizing down if your Mood pattern runs large. Construction photos and instructions can be found on the blog.

Mood Fabrics – Aster Pants

Mood Fabrics – Aster Pants free sewing pattern

Mood Fabrics’ Aster Pant pattern is perfect for pushing the wide-legged trend to the max. Printed fabrics look great when displayed in these garments. Despite their culotte shape, these pants look like skirts when you’re standing still. You can see below that the pants look great in both a floral print and a black and white striped version (made by Reddit user curvesofyourlips). Sizing down is recommended for Mood patterns, as noted above. Construction photos and instructions are available on the blog.

Cargo pants

There aren’t many free cargo pants patterns available online, but you can make cargo pants using the Petite Stitchery jogger pattern above and adding cargo pockets with this video tutorial.

If you’ve never had cargo pockets before, you may wonder what the difference is. Due to its capability to hold a lot of items, the cargo pocket is three-dimensional. A “gusseted” pocket is a type of three-dimensional pocket. Women don’t want to add bulk to their figures by using flat pockets in ready-to-wear.

Waistband-elastic slim-fit cargo pants by New Look N6644 paper pattern

Waistband-elastic slim-fit cargo pants by New Look N6644 paper pattern

You can buy the New Look N6644 paper pattern from Amazon. The available sizes are US 8 – 20 with waist measurement: 24″ – 34″. The pants feature an elastic waistband and a pull-on design. An adjustable drawstring. A turn-up tab at the bottom or a cuff at the bottom. Pockets are hidden in the side seams, and patch pockets are located on both sides. Fabrics that are recommended are medium-weight woven fabrics that do not stretch. A few examples of these fabrics are chambray, cotton, and linen. The pattern is sent to you as a paper copy and suits intermediate sewists.

Elastic waist cargo pants with a loose fit from McCall m8099 paper pattern

McCall m8099 paper free sewing pattern

You can buy the McCall’s cargo pants pattern from Amazon for a price of $19.95 for the pdf pattern. The available sizes are S – XL. A waistband with elastic is featured in the design. There are two pockets on the front and back. Ankle cuffs are optional. There are two lengths: ankle and shorts. Medium to heavyweight woven fabrics is recommended. Textiles such as cotton poplin, denim, and twill weave are good examples. The file is in PDF format. Print-at-home sizes for US letter and A4. You can also request a paper pattern to be mailed to you. The pattern suits beginners with some experience. To make it easier, you might want to skip the cargo pockets.

Wide-leg cargo-style pants from Simplicity S8889 paper pattern

Simplicity S8889 paper free sewing pattern

You can buy the Simplicity S8889 paper pattern from Amazon. The available sizes are US 6 – 24 and EUR 32 – 50. Hip measurements for the finished garment are 40 1/2 inches – 57 inches. A wide leg design is featured in the design. Button front. There are pockets on the front and sides. There are belt loops. Pleats. At the bottom, there are turn-up cuffs. The best fabrics are medium-weight woven fabrics with a little drape. A few examples are challis, crepe, and gabardine. You will receive a paper pattern in the mail. The pattern is more suitable for intermediate sewers. You’ll receive instructions.


Making your own clothes can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be a bit daunting if you’re not sure where to start. With this collection of free sewing patterns for pants and trousers, you’ll have everything you need to sew your own custom wardrobe. With a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pattern for your next project.

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