The Best Way to Add Glitter to a Dress

Who doesn’t adore glitter? Just a touch of sparkle can elevate a simple, dull dress into something glamorous and exciting.

This article will discuss a few ways to add glitter to a dress. We have curated it solely for glitzy souls so they can get all the details and glam up their dresses just the way they want.

As they say, a bit of glitter does not harm. Despite this, it can transform an entire outfit in seconds. By adding glitter, an occasion-appropriate dress can be transformed into something as bubbly and fun as you are. Using the right equipment and following the procedure is only necessary. With the help of, you will be guided on applying glitter to a dress appropriately so there are no fallout or blank spaces.

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Key Takeaways

  • Adding glitter to a plain dress can transform it into something glamorous and fun.
  • There are multiple ways to add glitter to a dress, including glitter glue, fabric glue, glitter spray, and glitter bond.
  • Following the appropriate methods and techniques, glitter can be applied to a dress without any fallout or blank spaces, resulting in a beautifully sparkly garment.

Is it possible to add glitter to a fabric?

The first thing we’d like to do is to clear up any confusion you may have about how glitter can be applied to a fabric. Fabric doesn’t get ruined when glitter is added to it quickly. For a piece of fabric to hold all the shine and look precisely how you envisioned, glitter must be applied with immense perfection.

Adding a bit of jazz to a plain dress by glittering all over or in patterns is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! In this article, we have discussed all the methods of adding glitter to a dress in detail.

The 5 best ways to add glitter to your dress

The 5 best ways to add glitter to your dress

You can easily add glitter to your dress by following these 5 ways:

  • Use glitter glue – Glitter and sparkle can be added to dresses using standard glue, but the glue might not adhere well to the fabric. If you want to ensure that your glitter remains intact and doesn’t fall off easily, then using glitter glue is one of the best ways. Anyone who needs glitter glue can buy it easily from the market. This glitter glue can be used to apply glitter to fabric in desired patterns, and it will ensure it stays in place.
  • Use fabric glue – Its strong adhesive properties can firmly hold two or more fabrics together. Adding glitter to your dress with this glue is also very easy and effective. Sprinkle the glitter evenly over the fabric and let it dry after you cover it with the glue. Glitter can be added to fabric in a variety of ways. Once the glue is dry, the glitter will be well-settled over the fabric and remain intact.
  • Use glitter spray—Glitter spray is available on the market. Sprays explicitly designed for fabrics are made with this formula. Various variants and colors of these sprays are available. Please select one of them and spray it directly onto the fabric from the spray bottle. Adding glitter to a dress is also very easy with this method.
  • Use glitter bond – In glitter bond; the glitter adheres firmly to the fabric using a special adhesive. Add some loose sparkle evenly to the cloth and let it dry for about three to four hours, and you’re done. Use glitter bond first on the cloth, then add some afterward. The adhesive will hold the sparkle well in place.
  • Use PVA glue – A dress can also be embellished with glitter using PVA glue, which is another strong adhesive. The PVA glue stick can be used to draw patterns on the fabric, and then glitter or sparkle can be sprinkled on top and allowed to dry. You will get what you want when you use PVA glue to hold the sparkle to the fabric.

Is there a way to avoid glitter falling off?

These methods allow sparkle or glitter to be easily added to the fabric. Glitter falling off is even more difficult. There are a few ways to keep the glitter in place on the fabric and prevent it from falling off and ruining the dress.

  • Use hairspray – If you use any of the above-mentioned glittering techniques, you need to spray your dress with hairspray of any Xyz brand, and you are good to go! This problem has no permanent solution but can be used in a pinch if you want a quick fix.
  • Use a mixture of glue and water – Using a paintbrush, apply a mixture of glue and water to the glittery patch on your dress, and let it dry for a bit. You can do this if the glitter starts falling off after a while. Glitter or sparkle will be able to stick to the fabric very well this way.
  • Wash gently – Due to the rigorous washing process, the glitter falls off the dress. Dresses with glitter should be washed gently with a mild cleanser if they have glitter on them.
  • Wear your garment carefully—Glitter-covered garments shouldn’t be stretched or worn roughly while you wear them. The glitter can rub off from the fabric’s surface, causing the sparkle to fall off. Wear your garment carefully to keep it in good condition and prevent the sparkle from fading.
  • Use Mod Podge – Besides glitter, Mod Podge seals the sparkle or glitter very well onto the fabric. It is easy to obtain and use to get your hands on it.

In this article, you will learn 5 ways to prevent glitter from falling off your dress or fabric. These methods can help you seal glitter perfectly on your dress.

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How long does it take the glitter to completely dry?

Fabric glues, glitter glues, or any other adhesive glues dry completely in four to five hours. To ensure the glitter has settled well on the fabric, allow it to dry for at least five hours after adding glitter or sparkle.

How to add sparkle to a plain dress?

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches make adding sparkle to a plain outfit easy. A great way to add sparkle to any outfit is to use gold jewelry. Gold jewelry has been worn for thousands of years and still looks beautiful.

What are the benefits of adding glitter to a dress?

There is no right or wrong way to add glitter to a dress. While adding glitter to your dress has a few benefits, as explained below:

  1. Add some shine – You can enhance the overall look of a plain dress with glitter or sparkle if you would like to jazz it up with some shine.
  2. Aggrandize the look – You can make a basic garment stylish and refurbished by adding sparkle and sealing it well. Adding this to your basic dress will enhance its appearance.
  3. Play with trends—You must do this if you love staying on top of the latest trends! Add sparkle and jazz to your outfit, and you’ll have an amazing DIY dress!

Add Glitter to a Dress FAQs

What are the best methods for applying glitter to a dress?

The two primary methods for applying glitter to a dress are spray glitter designed specifically for fabrics or creating detailed designs with a fabric glitter bond and loose glitter. The choice depends on whether you want an overall shimmer or specific glitter patterns.

Can I use any type of glitter spray on my dress?

No, it’s important to use a glitter spray specifically made for fabrics. This ensures the glitter adheres properly to the dress and remains durable through wear and washing.

How do I prepare my work area for applying glitter?

Cover your work surface with plastic to protect it from glitter and adhesive. If you’re using a spray, ensure you have a well-ventilated area or wear protective gloves to avoid getting glitter on your hands.

Is it necessary to insert cardboard inside the dress before applying glitter?

Yes, inserting a piece of cardboard inside your dress helps separate the front and back layers, preventing the glitter or adhesive from bleeding. It also stretches the fabric, making it easier to apply glitter evenly.

How can I create a specific design with glitter on my dress?

To create a specific design, use fabric glitter bond to outline your pattern on the dress, then sprinkle loose glitter over the adhesive. This method allows for more precision and creativity in your design.

How long does it take for the glitter to set on the dress?

After applying glitter spray, it’s recommended to let the dress sit for about 4 hours to dry completely. If using glitter bond with loose glitter, drying times can vary, but typically a few hours are sufficient. For best results, consider letting the dress dry overnight.

Is it safe to wash a glittered dress?

Yes, but it is advisable to wait at least 72 hours after applying the glitter before washing. Turn the dress inside out to protect the glitter during the wash. Check the specific instructions on the glitter products for best washing practices.

Can I apply glitter to any type of fabric?

While many fabrics can hold glitter well, testing a small, inconspicuous area first is best. Some fabrics may require a different type of adhesive or glitter to ensure proper adhesion and durability.

What should I do if I apply too much glitter in one area?

If you use spray glitter and apply too much, gently blot the excess with a tissue or paper towel. Carefully shake off the excess for loose glitter designs before the adhesive dries.

How can I ensure the longevity of the glitter on my dress?

To maintain the sparkle of your glittered dress, wash it gently and less frequently, and always according to the glitter and adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid rough handling or scrubbing the glittered areas to prevent wear and tear.


Dresses can be embellished with glitter or sparkle very quickly. There is a proper way to do this, and you need to know how. The article above explains how to add glitter to your dress and keep it intact. This procedure can revamp your fundamental outfit. This article describes how to add glitter to your dress in detail, and you can easily follow it and make it look jazzy!

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