How to Cut a Shirt For Shoulder Surgery

To get ready for surgery to treat shoulder injuries, it’s important to prepare your clothing as well. There are multiple dressing options both prior to and following shoulder surgery. The clothing you choose should not strain your injured shoulder and should be comfortable to wear.

This simplifies the process of cutting a shirt for shoulder surgery. Loose shirts are easy to wear and comfortable with slings. If cutting seems complicated, rotator cuff shirts can be purchased. I love how easy it is to wear these shirts as well.

I will discuss cutting a perfect shirt for shoulder surgery in this article. We will shed light on all of these topics, and you will be able to make sense of them.

Key Takeaways

  • Altering shirts for shoulder surgery is essential for comfort and ease of dressing.
    • Tips include buying larger T-shirts, cutting and adding Velcro for easy access, and selecting sweatshirts for their large sleeve openings.
  • Front-opening shirts, like button-ups, are recommended post-surgery for their ease of use.
    • Altered T-shirts and loose-fitting sweatshirts are also good options.
  • Women should consider strapless bras and camisoles with built-in bras for support without the hassle of straps.
  • Key alterations include cutting from the neck to the shoulder and adding Velcro for closure, ensuring minimal arm movement during dressing.
  • Soft fabrics are recommended to avoid additional discomfort to the shoulder area.
  • Preparing and practicing with altered shirts before surgery can make post-surgery dressing easier.
  • Online platforms like Amazon and Etsy, as well as specialty stores, offer a variety of shirts designed for post-surgery needs.
  • Shoulder surgery impacts more than just clothing choices; accessories like pillows, shower chairs, and movable showerheads become necessary for comfort and safety.
  • Being prepared and having the right clothing and accessories ready before surgery can significantly ease the recovery process.

What to wear after shoulder surgery?

Wear clothing that won’t disturb your arm or shoulder after a shoulder injury. Ensure you buy clothes that are easy to wear and don’t require too much effort. Dressing up after shoulder surgery can be easy if you follow these tips.

Look for shirts made from stretchy material

After shoulder surgery, buying shirts made of very stretchy materials is important. A shirt made of non-stretchable material can be very uncomfortable to wear. Fitting you easily and allowing you to wear them easily are two benefits of stretchy materials. Wearing the shirt without hurting your shoulder is possible if you stretch it as much as necessary.

Wear loose-fitting shirts

For a while, focus on loose-fitting and baggy shirts instead of tight-fitting ones. The extra room they give you after shoulder surgery will make it easier for you to wear them. Wearing a loose shirt with a shoulder sling will also be accessible.

Choose V-neck shirts

Wearing V-necked shirts after shoulder surgery is more comfortable than wearing round-necked ones. As a result, you can comfortably wear the V-neck shirt even with a sling on.

Dress in front-open shirts

Front-open shirts are easy to wear after shoulder surgery since they are easy to carry. After inserting the normal arm, you can easily insert the second hand and ask anyone to button it up for you with that hand. For anyone recently having shoulder surgery, these shirts are much easier to wear than normal T-shirts.

Use Velcro to cut and attach

It is not easy to cut your garment for shoulder surgery. To do so the best way, you must follow some instructions.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions given by professionals and watch some related videos. Once you have cut your shirt, you can cover the gap with Velcro on either side.

If you recently had shoulder surgery and are suffering from an injured shoulder, here are a few tips you can follow. You will find these tips helpful and will be able to deal with the situation easily.

How to cut your shirt for shoulder surgery step-by-step

How To Cut A Shirt For Shoulder Surgery

Step 1: Choose a loose shirt

It is essential to choose a loose shirt that can be cut easily and that you can wear without difficulty after shoulder surgery. Properly cutting loose shirts requires a lot of space. Furthermore, a loose shirt will be easier to wear than a tight or slim-fit one.

Step 2: Cut it out

When you decide which shirt to cut, get your scissors and start. Start at the neckline and cut the top of the shoulder. If you cut extra fabric, you will ruin the shirt, which will not be helpful.

Step 3: Hem the sides

Occasionally, threads fray after the shirt has been cut correctly. The best way to care for them is to cut these threads from the fabric. Once you have hemmed both sides of the shirt, you can work on the lining.

Step 4: Use Velcro

The Velcro must be sewn onto the shirt once the sides have been hemmed appropriately. To avoid irritation, sew the rough side of the fabric away from the skin and sew the smooth side on the opposite side, which will come into contact with the skin without causing any harm. Putting the injured arm first will allow you to attach the two sides more easily.

Step 5: Get rid of the stitches

You can easily remove the shirt by sewing scissors and removing the stitches. You will not be able to wear the shirt again if you go slow when removing the stitches.

Using this guide, you can cut a shirt after shoulder surgery to avoid hurting your arm when dressing up.

Read our post about the different sewing supplies if you are unsure how to choose from the different sewing tools.

What are the alternatives to cutting your shirts?

A rotator cuff surgery shirt, available on Amazon, is the best alternative if you cannot properly cut your shirt to dress after shoulder surgery.

Designed to ease the pain of shoulder surgery or arm injury, these shirts can comfort people. Shirts with buttons are designed to be worn with slings and shoulder slings.

With these shirts, getting dressed up after shoulder surgery can be as easy and painless as possible.

What to wear for shoulder surgery?

Make sure you wear the right clothes before having shoulder surgery so you won’t have any problems afterward. It is recommended that you wear loose shirts that can be easily worn and removed and choose shirts with large sleeve spaces for your hands.

With their large sleeve holes and ease of wearing and removing, tank tops are perfect for women. In addition to loose slips, men can also wear long sleeves to accommodate their hands. As wearing tight clothes can be painful and difficult, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes from top to bottom.

It is also easy to wear and remove button-down shirts for shoulder surgeries so that one can opt for them. An easy-to-wear and easy-to-remove button-down shirt is a loose button-down shirt. There is no hassle in removing the injured arm since the buttons can be opened up.

What are the best clothes to wear after shoulder surgery?

The best clothes to wear after shoulder surgery are loose-fitting and comfortable. Avoid anything that puts pressure on the shoulders, such as sleeveless or tank tops. Instead, opt for a shirt with sleeves that can be rolled up or a cardigan. It’s also important to avoid clothing that is too tight around the waist, as this can put pressure on the shoulders.

How do you dress and undress after shoulder surgery?

If you’ve recently had shoulder surgery, you may wonder how to dress and undress without causing pain or further injury. Here are a few tips to help you get dressed and undressed after shoulder surgery:

  • Use a long-handled shoehorn or reacher to help you put on and take off clothing.
  • Put on and take off shirts by holding them at the bottom and sliding them over your head.
  • Put on and remove pants and skirts by putting them on one leg at a time and then pulling them up or down.
  • Use a scarf or other piece of fabric to help you pull clothing over your head.

What clothes to wear with a sling?

There is no definitive answer regarding what clothes to wear with a sling. Ultimately, it depends on your style and what makes you feel comfortable. However, a few general tips can help you make the best choices. First, consider the colors of your sling and your clothing. Try to create a cohesive look by choosing colors that complement each other. Second, think about the fabric of your clothing. Avoid anything too loose or flowy, as it may get caught on the sling. Instead, opt for fitted or structured pieces. And lastly, don’t be afraid to accessorize!

How to Cut a Shirt For Shoulder Surgery FAQs

What is the best type of shirt to wear after shoulder surgery?

The most suitable shirts after shoulder surgery are those with front openings, such as button-up shirts, because they are easier to slip into and maneuver around the injured shoulder. Altered oversized T-shirts can also be a practical choice, providing ample room for the arm and ease of alteration for additional comfort.

How can I modify a shirt for easier use after shoulder surgery?

To modify a shirt for post-surgery, consider buying larger-sized T-shirts and cutting the shoulder seam from the neck to the arm. Adding Velcro straps over the cut can facilitate easy dressing and undressing. For sweatshirts, enlarging the sleeve opening by cutting fabric underneath the arm can also be helpful, ensuring sewing in seams to prevent fraying.

Are there specific clothing recommendations for women after shoulder surgery?

For women recovering from shoulder surgery, wearing camisoles with a built-in bra can offer significant comfort, as they reduce the need to maneuver straps. Strapless bras are another advisable option, providing necessary support without the discomfort of traditional bras during recovery.

What considerations should be made when altering clothes for rotator cuff surgery?

When altering clothes for rotator cuff surgery recovery, prioritize simplicity and comfort. Opt for loose-fitting clothing and footwear that requires minimal shoulder movement to wear. Elastic waist pants and slip-on shoes can greatly reduce the need for arm mobility, simplifying the dressing process.

How should I wear a shirt after shoulder surgery to avoid discomfort or injury?

After shoulder surgery, the recommended method for putting on a shirt is to insert the injured arm into the sleeve, then pull the shirt over the head, and finally, guide the uninjured arm into the other sleeve. This method minimizes movement of the injured shoulder and can help prevent pain or further injury.

Additional Tips

  • Practice dressing and undressing before the surgery to ease the process post-surgery.
  • Consider using soft fabrics for shirts to avoid irritation around the surgery area.
  • Ensure that appropriately modified clothing is selected before surgery to avoid any inconvenience during recovery.
  • Remember, recovery from shoulder surgery can alter your daily routines significantly. Being prepared with the right clothing can make this period more comfortable and reduce the risk of complications.


It is not easy to undergo shoulder surgery. Besides causing pain, it can also result in many inconveniences when it comes to wearing clothes. To dress up after shoulder surgery, one must wear very loose clothing cut from the right side.

To wear a shirt properly and easily remove it, it can be cut down in several ways. For example, an easy-to-wear shirt can be converted from a loose one by following the process of cutting the shirt.

In addition to cutting down a shirt, there are some other options. You can use these for shoulder surgery if you cannot cut off your shirt correctly. Depending on one’s preference, a shirt can either be cut properly or these shirts can be chosen.

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